Reveal! - Nocturne Of Eyes And Teeth CD


REVEAL’s first full-length vinyl release "Nocturne Of Eyes And Teeth" came to me like a big surprise and it took me a long time to finally write something about it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like this album, it’s more that I was not sure what to write and how to describe this release. This Swedish outfit recorded this 7 song album in Studio Shitfun, Uppsala, which brings me to the conclusion that they are linked in a way or another to other Uppsala bands as INVIDIOUS, DEGIAL, IN SOLITUDE or WATAIN. And in a way this might already be a good description for this recording: a mix between those bands. Or to put it in other words: REVEAL play a mix of Black, Death and Thrash Metal which a dose of Rock’N’Roll fuck-off-attitude. I would call this highly original and very interesting. Nevertheless the potential of this bunch is not utilized and I would call "Nocturne Of Eyes And Teeth" as a good start with both thumps up, though I’m sure we can get a lot more from them with their next release(s). Basically it’s side B that makes me feel that REVEAL is just at their beginning. ‘Blue Demon’ offers a good start of this side and the "six-six-six" shouts of Ghoul (vocalist) are just awesome. Next is ‘Murderer’ which is a great mix of Black Metal violence and great calm atmospheric guitar melodies. Last one on side B is ‘Death’ which is a raw thrashin’ Black Metal song, or make it blackish Thrash Metal song. Don’t know, but I know that it is great what I hear. Side B offers a little more than side A, nevertheless the 4 tunes offered on this part of the album are just little behind those on the other side. As I said, REVEAL seem to be at the beginning and this beginning is unique and very good.