Reveal! - Flystrips CD


Extreme metal is such a tamed and overstretched phenomenon, a thick vellum that the hobbyist too often stretches over their own gasping mouth in imitation of heroes and without any feeling, taste or emotion incurred beyond their own sickening self-gratification. Egotistical ‘higher art’ easily agreed upon between profoundly fucking fake rockstar-lite assholes and shit-peddling hopefuls who’re too wrapped up in their own opportunistic feces to give a shit, is worthless within moments of discovery for the hype-beaten buyers they inspire. Pretentious as the god-awful morass of modern music can be in professional spaces… the outside spaces, the underground, the too-fucked-up for the pay-to-play idiocy amongst corporate playthings and artist-juicing swine is where the value has always been. Today an era of great interconnected worthlessness, where any fool can coyly feign uniqueness online, reinforces the death of the genuine and invested audience. So, where is the mark? A striking artistic duality, in this case, represents a potentially lucid full-range experience. What psychotic wrongs did Uppsala, Sweden based mutants Reveal inflict upon the world in their youth that the furies would choke them so publicly with this curse of blackened psychedelia by way of death rock’d noise? They’d trace the trail of horrors back to 2006 when Waster would apex organically into this second form beyond a love for cryptic and musty black metal ancients into our bleak future. Their third album, the offending ‘Scissorgod’, is the primal scream of modern ‘rock’ music tailored for dulled and starving extreme metal ears, begging the listener to claw out of their mind palace and die screaming along with the rest of us.