Rebaelliun - Bringer Of War (The Last Stand) CD


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Hammerheart Records is gonna re-issue the “Bringer Of War” EP (2000) from Rebaelliun.

With a new title “Bringer of War (The Last Stand)”, a new front cover, new layout and new music (4 brand new tracks plus an intro)! The EP will be out next December, available on CD and LP. Fabiano Penna is in charge of the production of the new release. Rebaelliun presents four new tracks of unbelievable violence.

The guitars are really a wall of impenetrable fire, while the drums are always on blast beats with few times on fast bass only and slow snare while the vocals can be described as typical growl ones with a harsh touch.

The technical level is one of highest in brutal death metal we believe.

Rebaelliun will hit Europe next January/February supporting Pestilence in the “Fight The Plague” tour!