Razor - Shotgun Justice LP (Clear/Red Splatter vinyl)


In 1990 Razor, was in a time of change, replacing vocalist Stace “Sheepdog” Mclaren with Rob Reid. Many fans of the band call this album sacrilege because of Sheepdog’s absence, personally I see it as a dawning of a new era for the Canadian speed demons

Well to begin with the production is excellent, far superior than the Sheepdog days. This album has a breath of life, it is vivid, everything is perfectly crisp & clean, from Reid’s growling vocals to Dave Carlo’s shredding solos.

As for how the music is played, amazingly epic. One would compare it to machine fire. But the interesting aspect of this is often on this album the music continues on through the next track, so rarely ever do you get to regain your breath after the sonic blasts featured n the album. The riffs produced by Carlo on this are simply amazing, they are full of life & bursting with energy, for the opening of Miami through the ending of The Pugilist there isn’t one boring riff or one slow moment what so ever. As for the solos they are fast, well played & often over within thirty or forty seconds, example, the title track’s solo is barely over thirty seconds. The rhythm section is as furious as everything else, Rob Mills gets some bad ass drum fills thrown in the mix & Adam Carlo’s bass fills are shredding right along with Mills’ insane speed. But Reid, the newcomer vocalist is part of the reason this era of Razor has life & energy. With his rapid fire shots of vocal insanity, speaking of violence & how truly fucked up society is breaths a new life into the group. Not only is Reid’s vocals fast & energetic, but they carry a nice evil growl to them. As for lyrical themes, these guys nailed it, speaking the truths on how fucked over thrash bands get or ignorance in society that leads to senseless violence.