RAZOR - Executioner's Song LP (Clear Vinyl)

RAZOR - Executioner's Song LP (Clear Vinyl)

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- Clear vinyl limited to 100 copies, mailorder exclusive.
- Issued with a double-sided printed inner sleeve.

Many fans consider Razor's other 1985 album, Evil Invaders to be their true cult masterpiece. Others consider their more punchy, frenetic, and violent later work like Violent Restitution to be their best. While I fall in the latter category, there is no question in my mind that Executioner's Song is not only their most overlooked album, but one of the greatest Canadian heavy metal albums ever conceived.

Razor had a lot to contend with in Canada at the time; Exciter's third album Long Live the Loud, Voivod's self-titled debut was already out and Sacrifice's debut Torment in Fire was set to release later in the year. Yet somehow amongst all of these impressive Candian releases, Razor still manages to execute every last one of them and slash through with one of the greatest speed/thrash releases of the 80's. Harder than Exciter, more catchy than Voivod and just plain better than Sacrifice; Razor built on their debut EP and knocked their barbed wire ball straight out of the Canadian wastelands with Executioner's Song. Anyone, with even a middling interest in the 80's metal scene, owes it to themselves to get their hands on this classic album; the executioner's block awaits and only the true shall be privy to his masterful slaughter!

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