RAZOR - Executioner's Song LP (Black Vinyl)

RAZOR - Executioner's Song LP (Black Vinyl)

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Vinylly available again on vinyl, Razor’s legendary first full-length “Executioner’s Return” from 1985!

Following the release of their ferocious debut EP, “Armed and Dangerous”, Razor had a high expectations upon their shoulders to produce a follow-up. “Executioner’s Song” increases the the power displayed on “Armed and Dangerous” in every possible way. Amping up its vigilante speed thrash through bloodlust and mindless violence alone. The production is far more atmospheric and reverb-soaked than its predecessor.

Guitarist Dave Carlo lays down some of the greatest riffs of his career here; his style of alternating palm-muted Thrash with stainless steel speed is without equal; here his inspiration and experience gained over the last year explodes with fresh scorchers like “City of Damnation” and “March of Death” which are some of the best tracks Razor has ever laid down upon the guillotine block.

The album cover is glorious and would begin Razor’s trend of album covers so poorly illustrated that they become legend in their own right. Lyrically tracks range from themes of civil unrest and social injustice like in “Escape the Fire”, heavy metal anthems such as “Time Bomb” or those that are inspired by films, like “Deathrace”. These lyrical trends would persist throughout Razor’s career and helped separate them from other bands at the time due to their sheer fanaticism with street justice, vigilante movies, and heavy fucking metal. .

Razor had a lot to contend with in Canada at the time; Exciter, Voivod and Sacrifice. Yet somehow amongst all of these impressive Canadian bands, Razor still manages to execute every last one of them and slash through with one of the greatest speed/thrash releases of the 80’s. Harder than Exciter, more catchy than Voivod and just plain better than Sacrifice. Anyone, with even a middling interest in the 80’s metal scene, owes it to themselves to get their hands on this classic album; the executioner’s block awaits!

Mandatory to own on vinyl for anyone into: Thrash Metal in general but think: Slayer, Dark Angel, Exodus, Sodom, Kreator

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