Ravencult - Force Of Profanation LP (Clear/Black Marble vinyl)


Limited to 200 copies!

Ravencult is cult. This applies at least for people with a deranged musical taste (me, for example). "Force of Profanation", their third full-length, does not modify the style of the band and this means that total ferocity rules again. One more time, the Greek legion calls for war and those who liked the first works will appreciate album number three as well. Ravencult still avoid bombastic, melodic, orchestral, soft, half-hearted or slack elements. In a nutshell, non-extreme sections do not exist. Hence follows that mission, strategy and target can easily be carved out. Pure hatred, created in a boiling brew of black, thrash and, to a lesser extent, indefinable death metal, is what the band has chosen to perform.