Rapture - Paroxysm Of Hatred LP (Black vinyl)


What we have here is the sophomore studio full-length album of the Greek death/thrash metal quartet Rapture. This record, named "Paroxysm of Hatred", was released just January 2018.  Many have strongly criticized this offering saying that the only thing that made this material competent is its strong veneration to the old guards of the thrash and death metal genre. Well, yes, the band has that evident traces of a powerful worship to early music of bands like Demolition Hammer, Massacra, Dark Angel, Kreator, "Leprosy" and "Spiritual Healing" era Death, and "Altars of Madness" era Morbid Angel; but what Rapture did is that they took those violent and aggressive elements from the mentioned bands above and boosted it a couple of more times to manufacture their own brand of barbaric and skull fracturing death/thrash metal music.

Rapture’s extreme music marque has that speed of the 80s Teutonic thrash metal groups with a toughen-up tightness of early 90s Demolition Hammer and late 80s Dark Angel, which is then tangled with the ferocity of classic straightforward Florida death metal music. Now that formula maybe common to hordes of bands these days playing under the death/thrash metal genre, but Rapture knows how to mix up these ingredients right and even scaling it up to a more savage result. An outburst of lethal energy and impetus piercing extreme music with some fast tremolo riffs and howling solos and uncompromisingly relentless drumming will bombard those who dare listen to this battering magnum opus.