RAM - Rod LP (Orange Red vinyl)


Limited to only 500 copies.

The first time I heard RAM was on the Earache Heavy Metal Killers Compilation CD my mother bought me on a whim while traveling in Europe back in '09; upon receiving it, I graciously thanked her, not expecting too much out of it. Of course she meant well; I just didn't really believe it would be something worth writing home about, as at the time I was pretty suspicious of promotional compilations touting "upcoming acts of repute" or similarly hyping up bands under a particular label. Far from being disappointed, I was in a for a very invigorating experience. The bands it showcased happened to be right up my alley! I've long lost the CD itself through misadventure, but I am eternally grateful to it for introducing me to the likes of Enforcer, Cauldron, Celtic Legacy, White Wizzard, Portrait, Voltax, Crowning Glory, and last but not least, RAM! Unsuspecting of the straight for the jugular sonic onslaught I was about to subject my ears to, "Sudden Impact" (from their self-titled EP and first full-length LP Forced Entry) immediately assaulted my senses. Since then, this band has thoroughly rocked my World and become a welcome addition to my top metal bands as well as solidifying my heartfelt admiration for Sweden's amazing traditional heavy metal scene.