RAGNAROK - Nattferd LP (Black Vinyl)

RAGNAROK - Nattferd LP (Black Vinyl)

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This is Ragnarok's debut album and holds all the tracks featured on both of their first couple of demos, so it really is a bargain to buy. Inspite of the good reviews that future Ragnarok releases enjoyed, I still consider this album to be their most epic and powerful release yet. And there is something mysterious about this album because it seems that I never get tired of listening to it (which is what inspired me to write this review in the first place). It attains this dark power that has the ability to captivate its listener's attention. The listener is not tortured for the duration of the album but is rather in a state of awe.

The music on this release ranges from mid-paced to fast. Ragnarok relies on raw guitar riffs to produce their melody and this can also be experienced on all their other releases. Ragnarok had been able to utilize this technique to its utmost on "Nettferd" while on future releases this technique diminishes a little in utility but stays intact. Ragnarok also doesn't shy away from throwing in a few keyboard melodies in several tracks only to establish a certain tempo or riff they're about to play. The first three tracks are great openers and really portray the power that Ragnarok are able to harness. I can only describe them as flawless notes of Black Metal music and their riffs are so catchy that you'll still find yourself recalling them hours after you've listened to the album for the first time (... a feat that is rare and never found on mediocre albums).

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