Ragnarok - Malediction CD


Time flies, fashions change. Most bands behind Norwegian black metal second wave have disappeared or have profoundly changed their stylistic approach. Now, only a few veterans continue their voyage in uncompromising dark metal lands. And among them are members of Ragnarok. This band has an unlikely career, as it is punctuated by all kind of events, from many line-up changes to a record label bankruptcy (Regain Records). However, after eighteen chaotic years, this quartet from Oslo is inflicting us a seventh album called Malediction.

Ragnarok music has its roots in the heart of the hardest (and less subtle) Norwegian black metal and it is certainly not the new album that will change this perception. This is a violent maelstrom, a veritable anger manifesto. Compositions rely primarily on efficiency and do not bother use any vanguard effects or other refinements. Most of the songs revolve around a bass / drums couple which produces a very fast tempo leaving no respite for the listener. As soon as the tiny Blood of Saints’ intro ends, shelling operated by Jontho, the last member of the original formation, begins and will not stop until forty-five minutes later.