RAGNAROK - Arising Realm LP (Black Vinyl)

RAGNAROK - Arising Realm LP (Black Vinyl)

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Ragnarok has always been one of my favorite black metal bands from Norway. They have a certain edge to them that many of their compatriots only dream of achieving. This band has been around since 1994, and they have left an indelible mark on the entire black metal scene worldwide. Even though they can be considered as some type of "unsung heroes", it seems quite clear to me that those who truly enjoy quality and unadulterated classic black metal. This album came out in 1997, by this time, the foundational aesthetics of black metal had already been established, and a lot of bands who were limited to playing orthodox black metal, decided to seek out new frontiers in musical terms.

Throughout their storied career, spanning almost three decades, Ragnarok have put out several albums that can be considered essentially as black metal, however, what makes Ragnarok stand apart from the rest of the black metal horde, is the very realistic aura their music possesses. The themes they speak of, has a very worldly feel to them, and their sinister nature takes a form beyond the spiritual and mental, and becomes realized in the arousal of anxiety in listener's subconscious. "Arising Realm" contains twelve songs, with two of the tracks serving as an introduction and an outro. What we have on display here, is ten solid standard black metal tracks with heavy melodic tendencies.

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