Pyrrhon - The Mother Of Virtues 2-LP (White vinyl)


The album from start to finish changes from maddeningly heavy and dense passages, to very Ulcerate-ish moments that wash over you like a sickly black river, urging you to drown in it, as it eventually comes back to blistering heaviness with a startling speed to immediately flay you alive. And as I mentioned about the dynamics before, the dynamics extend to the changes of atmosphere in the music, the melodies are dark as all hell, the bass is buzzing and unrepetantly angry, like a swarm of angry hornets, the drums either stampede towards you like raging animals or slowly stalk you in the darkness, and the vocals at one very notable point on the album, even become a normal, yet strained voice, aching to inform you; "this is the world, we have made for ourselves..."