Pyrexia - Sermon Of Mockery 2-LP (Orange vinyl)


For the longest time I have labored under the illusion that the phenomenon of slam death, which had seen a massive swell in popularity as little as a few years ago, originated through some sort of fluke reinterpretation of territory originally hit by the early New York scene and particularly Suffocation. While there is definitely some truth to Suffocation's status as a pioneering act in brutal circles and that the New York death metal scene bears a closer affinity to what is now largely seen as the brutal death metal than their Florida counterparts, there was a missing link in the evolutionary chain that should give some logical explanation for the far more stripped down and groove obsessed character of acts like Epicardiectomy, Coprocephalic, Acranius and countless others. That link is arguably found in the debut album of a second tier New York act called Pyrexia known as Sermon Of Mockery, and like any early offering to a new style, its status comes with a lot of caveats.