Pyre - Chained To Ossuaries CD


Recommended if you like Asphyx, Pentacle, Dismember,

The six years that have passed since Pyre released their debut album, have not changed much in their music. As before, this is one-hundred percent old-school death metal, mainly in the classic Swedish riff-based tradition of the early 90s (Unleashed first of all). As before, there are completely no any fashionable trends here, say nothing of experiments. 

Yes, rage and onslaught are still the main components of their music, but they began to pay more attention to mid-tempo and even slow passages.

Nevertheless, not from beginning to end: Pyre seem to be unable to play for a long time at a slow tempo, and they are sure to rush into a blast beat attack – at least for the sake of a short fragment. Anyway, it's a good change: the overturned fetish of the fast tempo cleared a space for sullenness and coldness in their music – Pyre became more icy and evil.

It can be stated that this is a distinctive feature of Pyre music – some kind of fierce hatred of melody. When once some embryo of the melody appears, it's immediately ruthlessly smothered by the chaos of solo or coldness of sound. "Chained to Ossuaries" is a musical depiction of an iceberg – cold, arrogant, soulless and evil.