PUTREVORE - Miasmal Monstrosity CD

PUTREVORE - Miasmal Monstrosity CD

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Jumping in with a blend of fierce drumming, guttural vocals and swampy riffs, the immediately gruesome music has that fetid feeling of bands like Incantation, Rottrevore, Funebre and Rippikoulu with a revoltingly spewed splendour coming from the trio in unison. Battering the drums with unrelenting fury before pulling back into doomy grooves, the rhythmic flow of this thing is phenomenal from the get-go. Losing no momentum of grotesqueries, the rotten avalanche of offal coming from the guitars and bass has a sticky sound that lurches through phantasmal riffs and spectral atmospherics triumphantly. This leaves the vocals, which are appropriately filthy, bringing to mind Antti from Demilich. Talking of filth, the production is clear enough to hear everything but coated in a layer of murky dread which feels legitimately 90s. Now I have analysed everything, let us go back to disgusting metaphors. Retching with hooks that are so damned catchy you will never forget the music, while keeping the cerebral splattering of death metal’s ugliest moments intact, this album stinks of the deepest crypts and catacombs with each passing moment infecting the air.

If bands like Adramelech, Funebre, Rippikoulu, Disma, Funebrarum, Incantation, Rottrevore, the list goes on, leave a salivating hunger for truly disgusting, demented and doom-tinged Death Metal of the most cavernously mangled proportions, then Putrevore is a band you cannot afford to miss.

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