Puteraeon - The Crawling Chaos CD


To some it’s a transparent formula, to others it’s an art. Everything from the buzz-saw guitar tone, throaty grunts and punk styled drum patterns contributes towards the abrupt notion that this revered sub genre is indeed far from difficult to identify. But of the countless modern-day artists seeking affirmation in the style, it’s perhaps not all that surprising to note that many bands debase themselves as terribly unambiguous reproductions of the classic Swedish death of the early 90′s, without contributing too much in the way of exclusivity. This isn't by any means an automatic write-off, at least from a critical standpoint, but it’s always refreshing to see artists that place more of a contemporary spin on a style which is now firmly rooted in the old-school.

And Swedish quartet Puteraeon fit this bill flawlessly. For a band barely six years old, their work ethic is admirable. Having squeezed out two albums and a split since their demo-days of 2008/9, the bands approach reeks of motivation before even setting your ears to anything. So following their 2012 sophomore Cult Cthulhu we now have The Crawling Chaos, the latest in their line of highly hostile throwbacks to the esteemed Swedish death metal records of yesteryear. Much like their previous efforts, the album is teeming with raw aggression and relentlessly intricate riffing harking back to the halcyon days of Vomitory or Entombed. Though it’s not as predictable as you might think. From the opening chords of ‘Wrath’, we’re presented with a labored riff reminiscent of classic Autopsy, right before the double-bass kicks in and the mid-heavy riffs start cutting through the mix in a timeless fashion.