PURTENANCE - Member Of Immortal Damnation CD

PURTENANCE - Member Of Immortal Damnation CD

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The history of the Finnish Purtenance is so interesting (or uninteresting - depending on how you look at it) that in its most iconic period this band existed only three years, of which the first two of them functioned as Purtenance Avulsion, and during this short time they managed to record only two demos. Finally, in 1991, the Finns changed to the known band name and the line-up of Harri Saro (drums), Toni Honkala (bass), Juha Rannikko (guitar) and Timo Häyrinen (vocals) first hit with a minor release announcing the album entitled "Crown Waits The Immortal", and a year later in a slightly expanded group (a new bass player, Pasi, joined the group, while Toni Honkala jumped to the second guitar) officially debuted with the longplay "Member Of Immortal Damnation". An album that next to Demigod, Funebre, Convulse and Abhorrence perfectly showed how murky death metal with a cold Scandinavian climate should look like.

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