PURTENANCE - Buried Incarnation CD

PURTENANCE - Buried Incarnation CD

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Finnish death metallers Purtenance are back with their fourth album.

Eerie soundscapes draw in before droning, crushing riffs up the doomy vibes of the record. Tight drum work intersperses the haunting guitars, giving us the true melancholic greatness of Finnish death metal. Picking up the pace, we see some morbid crawling cymbal work and creepy riffs that delve into a charnel passage of deathly extremity. The vocals growl and snarl with just as much macabre energy as the grave-opening instrumentals, packing an extreme and atmospheric punch that is just as haunting as it is brutal. The raspy crunch of the guitars is vicious enough to drive through the cascading drums alongside meaty vocals, harkening back to the likes of Sentenced and Convulse.

Purtenance are one of those bands who may be unknown to many as part of the great Finnish death metal movement, but this needs to change. On their fourth album we see a ferocious yet stunning slab of death metal excellence unravel before us in a most haunting manner. Tasteful and chilling, many horrors will come to life while this record is playing and it is one that full attention should be devoted to. Magnificent.

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