Proscrito - Ilagas Y Estigmas CD


For fans of Winter, Celtic Frost, Eyehategod

Formed in Barcelona in 2016, Proscrito released its debut EP "El Calvario" in 2017 but then went quiet on the studio-recording front for the next few years with a change of drummer in 2019 and commitments to other bands (Arropiero, Voidkush) in the doom metal scene. After almost three years, Proscrito finally released its debut album "Llagas y estigmas" ("Sores and stigmata") in January 2020.

Right from the get-go, with opening track "Persistiendo", these guys mean business of the Satanic kind: Proscrito's sound is tough and heavy in a very slow chugga-chugga way, with a gritty, crumbly texture and deep sound. The vocals are just as low and guttural as you'd expect from a death doom band, coming from deep within a mud-encrusted mutant humanoid amphibian swamp monster's throat after it's crunched down on some stone rocks to help digest a human victim who strayed too close to the water's edge. Percussion rumbles and thunders at a steady pace. Poisonous and oily lead guitar solo plays over part of the song while denizens of the swamp call out to each other in their slurpy tones.