Profanatica - Profanatitas de Domonatia digi-CD


DELUXE digi-CD with two live performances from 1991 & 1992 as bonus

While the salacious Profanatica fans’ urges were momentarily quelled with the release of the “Enemy of Virtue” compilation, the depraved desires that arose from the mention of a Profanatica full-length could not be subdued - they had to be satisfied. This album not only satisfies these desires, it forces on, heinously ravishing beyond any notion of pleasure - relentlessly penetrating; leaving you torn, violated and bloody. And after you have vomited and cried through the detached sleepless nights, and even though you cannot bring yourself to recollect it, you will come begging back for more.

Not usually that which immediately grabs my attention, but it need be mentioned that the guitar tone on this album is unlike anything I have heard before; possessing an eerie, almost mechanical, dragging that is veiled in bludgeoning distortion – a flawlessly violent and integral facet to this release. Championing through the grinding chaos of tone is the primitive defilement of the guitar itself, severed into discernable structures and patterns, perfectly reminiscent of their predecessors, but encapsulating a spirit of raw power that I feel is truly lacking in most recent attempts at Black Metal. The bass is perfectly prepared and executed on this recording: a deep rattling propagated with an unnatural and blunt buzzing; fairly attributed to the particular brand of picking technique employed by John Gelso. During the many of the faster portions the bass sound is nearly indecipherable, and instead fraternises completely with the guitar; the spawn of this incestuous union is the pristine grinding is straight-forward, bestial minimalism in its most pure and unrefined form.

Profanatica is unapologetic blasphemy in the truest sense; Profanatica does not, and has not, compromised itself to be anything less than a destructive maniacal force that will always be recognised as the embodiment of Hate, Evil, Blasphemy, Desecration, Rape; they will always be the true enemies of virtue: Black Metal

I need say nothing more.