Powerwolf - Bible Of The Beast LP (Black vinyl)


Bible Of The Beast “Originals-Series” LP re-issue
180g Black Vinyl

400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves (inside out print), big posters, 250g inserts

Sticker on front cover:
Ultimate Vinyl Edition! Includes Lyric Insert And New Large Poster! Remastered For Vinyl!

Mastered for Vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in May 2017

Following “Return In Bloodred” and “Lupus Dei”, Germany’s Powerwolf are back with their third and boldest album so far, Bible Of The Beast. The band which has already gained some notoriety by tackling obscure themes such as vampirism and the occult with humor spared no ambition and “Bible Of The Beast” presents us with a full choir and a really dense atmosphere by comparison with the previous efforts.

Instead of the more traditional metal of previous albums, Powerwolf created a deeply orchestrated album, taking advantage of Attila Dorn’s operatic might to create something not simply darker, but even pompous, grand. It even feels like a heavier and more energetic album where such musical titans as “Seven Deadly Saints” or “Werewolves Of Armenia” don’t show just a magnificently produced album, but the kind of song to which you raise both your fists to the air and bang your head. Both songs alternate between passages of operatic majesty and demolishing assaults of the most thundering metal you can wish for at the face of the earth, as if the band is constantly struggling to contain their music’s explosive power.