POWER TRIP - Nightmare Logic LP (Black Vinyl)
Power Trip

POWER TRIP - Nightmare Logic LP (Black Vinyl)

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All 32 minutes is quite killer! Awesome riffs, original and catchy. That's what I liked the most out of this release. That and the vocals. Sad what happened to Riley, he was just too darn young. His vocals have an echo sound to them and hoarse sort of sound. They were pretty unique. I think they augmented the guitars. And the guitars were put together in a quite masterful way. I wouldn't change anything about this release. They lacked it a bit in the recording department, though that's my only sense of drawback with the release. But everything else is quite good. The drums went well aside the guitars.

This album could've been a bit longer, but I loved every bit of it. The music is the strongest force here. Not too familiar with crossover metal as I am with thrash metal but they're both meshed together. I liked what I heard though. The riffs are quite technical as hell. They sway all over the place. But it's in a good way, they all have their unique quality to them. Just the leads are a little sloppy, but not that bad. I think if they took out the leads and just kept it to the music itself then I would've given them a higher rating. Nevertheless, a good release from start to finish. That crunch tone guitar is just sick!

As I say, the production quality could've been a little bit better but everything was well orchestrated. They really did an ass-kicking job here. The recording quality just needed a little adjustment, that's pretty much it. In any case, this release just dominated. The vocals were like I said unique and went well with the music. I liked everything about this release except the production. It just needed a step up to it. But the guitar riffs made up for that. I made sure to hear this on digital before anything else. The album isn't that long but it's still pretty good to put on my "to get" list in terms of CD's.

Definitely check out the digital recording to this release and see what you think. I thought that the whole release was killer. But to each to their own. I wouldn't say "caveat emptor" I'd say that it's worth some spins through before you see about getting the actual CD. That is, if it's available. I would say a really strong release here and every minute of it was sick. The guitars are quite technical as hell. That's what's the highlight of this release. Even though Riley died, he left off with an amazing record that will in the thrash/crossover metal recordings that are just sickly. Take a listen to this!

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