Possession - Disentombed Manifestations 2-CD


Eternally Haunt is the first full-length release from Possession. I would describe this album as haunting and crushing. The band does a great job of mixing thrash metal with death metal. The band has a mixture of low guttural growls, shrieks and glass shattering high vocals. The band also has two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer, who all seem to work well together. The band has quite a history of the members playing with other bigger established bands. Some of the bands are Dying Fetus, Gorguts, Skinless and the Red Chord.

Although Possession is a Christian band, they do not have in your face lyrics. In fact, the first time that I heard this band I had no idea that they were a Christian band. The band shared the label Metal Merchant Records with anti-Christian band Acheron, for their album Hail Victory. Sadly, this would be the only full-length release by Possession.

The album opens with Opening a Doorway into the Occult. This is not a song, but a recording of an extremely scary church service. It sets a chilling tone for the album. Directly from Nyk Edinger, who did vocals on this album “I was listening to a church service on an AM radio station, from the church Mission Viejo in Vineyard California. It was a very hot summer day in Kansas City and it gave me the chills as I was driving down the interstate. I immediately knew this was the perfect thing to set the tone for the album.”

From start to finish on this album the band rides the line between thrash and death metal. The only exception to this being the one instrumental track on this album “Despair.” This is more of a guitar instrumental. It is a clean guitar with a shredding electric guitar over it. Besides this instrumental track, this entire album will have you reaching to turn up the volume and head bang furiously.

Although Possession would release other music, Eternally Haunt would be the only full-length release. A promo tape would be released for Eternally Haunt and in 1997, the band would release an EP. The band would break up shortly thereafter and various members of the band would go onto form the band Frost Like Ashes.