Pillorian - Obsidian Arc LP (Clear vinyl)


180 gram clear vinyl, insert booklet, download

A lot of internet ink has already been spilled regarding the messy divorce of Agalloch and the two bands, Pillorian and Khorada, which have risen from it's ashes.

Regardless of where you sit in the ensuing Pillorian vs. Khorada debate, one thing seems to bring most commentators together; the feeling of loss at the demise of Agalloch, a singularly unique band, and a feeling of disappointment in their swansong LP 'The Serpent & The Sphere'.

After every listen to this record I feel impressed.

Not only have Pillorian exceeded my expectations, and I imagine a great many others if the Bandcamp reviews are anything to go by, but in my opinion they've managed to rival any album Agalloch brought out since their magnum opus 'The Mantle'.

Will it equal the impending debut of Khorada ? Another question for another time. In truth it doesn't really matter. Instead of another album from a band that was clearly deeply at odds with itself, we've got one great album from a fresh new band and the potential for another.