PILEDRIVER - Metal Inquisition LP (Black Vinyl)

PILEDRIVER - Metal Inquisition LP (Black Vinyl)

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At the beginning of the worldwide thrash metal explosion, irony was a rare commodity. Any form of more or less extreme metal seemed to be a very serious thing. Every musician looked as grim as possible on each photo. Then came the day that Piledriver appeared on the surface. Despite the fact that they also looked fiercely, their grimness could not be taken seriously. They played with clichés in a skillful manner and "Metal Inquisition" was the result of their humorous creativity. But Piledriver did not only focus on slapstick. Their compositions were characterized by their clear lines that made them easily accessible. This combination of burlesque and thrash / speed metal differentiated the band from its huge number of very hard working competitors.

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