Phlebotomized ‎– Skycontact 2-LP (Blue vinyl)


Recorded at Beaufort Studio, July/August 1996

Gatefold double LP, etched side D with Phlebotomized logo.

Skycontact is Phlebotomized's sophomore effort which retains little to nothing from their previous LP « immense, intense, suspense », quirkiness aside (in the likes of Pan.Thy.Monium), of course.

Brutality has drastically decreased (if we consider « immense, intense, suspense » brutal, which in my opinion is quite farfetched) although heavy, dense and muddy guitar riffs are still present as growled vocals do. But this time emphasis is put on melodies and mood, as the ever present keyboard or the presence of clean vocals indicate. 

The album's genre is quite difficult to define because of its heterogeneous composition. You could easily find passages that could be described as: "ambient", pop, death metal (but no blast beats whatsoever), fusion, grunge, rock, doom (-ish)... although not every song features all these influences, (thrashy) death metal and « ambient » are what you'll come across more often than not.

Production-wise it's pretty good, although the mastering volume is kind of low. Unlike most modern metal productions you can actually hear the bass, which for one isn't treated as a secondary instrument but has its place and, sometimes, is even used without distorted guitars/drums (e.g., « never lose hope », which starts off as an atmospheric ambient-ish track with piano, strings (violin/classical guitar) and bass).

This album is clearly for the open-minded who enjoys savoring his (her?) metal best with "eclectic-sauce".