PHANTOM SPELL - Immortal's Requiem (Yellow/Black Splatter Vinyl)
Phantom Spell

PHANTOM SPELL - Immortal's Requiem (Yellow/Black Splatter Vinyl)

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With Immortal’s Requiem, the Brit ventures into classic prog rock and hard rock realms, which at the same time represents an exciting journey back in time to the glorious 70s. If you don’t know much about these genres but like Seven Sisters, you won’t go wrong here, as Kyle’s singing and guitar playing inevitably remind you of his regular band.

Finally, the fantastic production of this debut is worth mentioning: Kyle has also done a superb job on this level in his Wizard Tower Studios – there is no better way to stage such music, which is a contrast to soulless plastic stuff in every respect. The same goes for the artwork, for which Jack Welch is responsible – as he has been several times before with Seven Sisters.

Conclusion: Kyle McNeill is an artist who seems to be bursting with skill and creativity. Immortal’s Requiem is a precious gift for all those who do not consume music but live it. Although we are essentially dealing with a perfect album here, I am sure that Phantom Spell‘s journey will take us to even higher peaks in the future. May Kyle get the recognition he deserves! My hat is off to him.

Performance: 100%