Pestilence - Testimony Of The Ancients (30th Anniversary) 2-LP (Black Vinyl)


Limited to 300 copies worldwide!

Limited edition 2-LP from this classic album! Exactly 30 years old in september and it remains the zenith in the bands overall impressive career. The second LP will have the live set from the legendary Dynamo Open Air 1992!

Two years after releasing one of the best death metal albums ever to surface from The Netherlands, Pestilence hit jackpot again with their 1991 album “Testimony of the Ancients”. The biggest differences with their previous effort “Consuming Impulse” are simple: the production is more clean, short intermezzos between all the songs, the average pace is lower and Patrick Mameli has taken over lead vocals.

Pestilence has had a well-deserved place in the first wave death metal elite, mentioned in one breath with the likes of Death, Sepultura, Cynic, Atheist and the likes. Rightly so, because their progression up untill this album is comparable to, say, Carcass. With every album they developed their sound so no release sounds alike but still stays Pestilence undeniably.

If anything describes this album best, it’s that it’s an interesting union of death metal brutality and progressive metal beauty. Concluding, this is a must-have for all progressive death metal fans and for all who want to know who the true masters and originators of the genre are

• Comes with a poster and download card

• Pestilence will tour this album in 2022

• The second LP will have the live set from the legendary Dynamo Open Air 1992!

• Recorded at the legendary Morrisound Studio by Scot Burns (Suffocation, Obituary, Death, Sepultura etc.)• Remastered by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio (Trouble, Dead Head, Pentacle)