Pentagram Chile - The Malefice CD


"The Malefice" is like the return of an evil Christ in this age of reunions and new releases from formerly obscure metal clans. Often regarded as one of the most important metal bands to have ever hailed from Chile and South America in their underground circuits, Pentagram (known now as 'Pentagram Chile') lived and died in the arms of old-school thrash/death metal à la Possessed with only a handful of minor releases left to immortalize its wickedness. Whatever the reason, be it cult status or an undying lust for death metal, Pentagram Chile reformed once more in 2012, and a year later released its first full-length record nearly three decades after the band's ugly, demonic head emerged from the dragon's womb. Needless to say, "The Malefice" is pretty damn fresh for being a molten hunk of malice that had been simmering in Hell for the past few decades, the coat of demon entrails notwithstanding.