PARNASSUS - In Doloriam Gloria Digipack CD

PARNASSUS - In Doloriam Gloria Digipack CD

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Limied Edition of 500 copies.

The thing that attracted me to this album wasn't the music, it was three names that come together on this, being Fredrik Söderlund, Roger Karmanik and Peter Paul Rubens. The first is the mastermind behind highly unsettling acts such as Octinomos and Puissance, the second is the founder of the dark ambient cult label Cold Meat Industries, and the last one was a painter of the baroque era. A release that combines these three artists, who I greatly admire, that will tingle my spine alright. 

This certainly is music that needs it's time to grow on you, and honestly, I need to be in the mood for it. Because of the heavy classical approach to the music, the peculiar mixing and the pitch-black atmosphere this release emanates, it can be heard to stomach at times. Still, if you are a fan of 90's underground black metal with a heavy classical approach to it, this is a release well worth your time.

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