Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition - Chapter I: War, Horrid War LP (Black vinyl)


180 gram, download, insert, A2 poster.

From Canada the band sharing the name with a certain German anti-tank weapon, Panzerfaust hails.

Their black metal is to no surprise (seeing their name) much about war and anti-religion.

Since their creation in 2005 the band has been very active having released new material almost every year up until their 2013 full-length album Jehovah-Jireh: The Divine Anti-logos.

Since then they’ve taken it a bit slower, with an EP release in 2016 and now their 4th full-length album The Suns of Perdition I: War, Horrid War is out.

After having this album spinning on and off for the past month I can tell you straight away this album is a grower. Not just in the sense that it starts slow but get better with each spin. This album is good from the first track alone, just keeps getting better and grows in taste like a fine wine.

Funeral Mist, Deathspell Omega and 1914 are the first bands that came to my mind as a major influence when the opener “The Day After ‘Trinity'” hits you like an avalanche, a superb opening.

The tank doesn’t stop there though as it bulldoze it’s way into your mind, pummeling your brain with the follow-up “Stalingrad, Massengrab”.

The epic 13 minutes closer “The Men of No Man’s Land” does exactly like it’s intended to, close the album in style.

A much slower song than the rest of the album, but oh so atmospheric and a great showing of wicked good songwriting.

Which is actually the main part I will take with me from listening to Panzerfaust, their very well-written songs.

Memorable, dark and deep lyrics accompanied with great music is all you need really and for that I give Panzerfaust a near perfect score.

One of the best albums I’ve heard this year !

All music written and performed by Panzerfaust, all lyrics written by Brock 'Kaizer‘ Van Dijk unless otherwise noted.

Produced by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Mastered by Sergei Lazar at CDM Records in Moscow, Russia. Bass on this album recorded by Jon Ferreira.

Cover Artwork and design by Alejandro Tedin of Heresie Graphics, layout by Valkenstijn.