Pallbearer ‎- 2010 Demo LP (Black vinyl)


Reissue of the demo on vinyl. All copies feature an etched B-side with art by Mike Lawrence.

Pallbearer hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, yet sounds like Birmingham, England might have been a more logical suit. At nearly twenty-four minutes this three-track demo is every doom head’s perfect companion to the likes of Warning, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus or the aforementioned Hour of 13. Some very well-organized metal music is here without all of the bells and whistles of some of the more annoyingly predictable bands trying to replicate Black Sabbath.

The opening track is just acidic doom rock that just plunges your head into icy cold water and makes you take immediate notice. It’s powerful without pretension and heavy without saturation. Vocalist/Guitarist Brett Campbell offers a brilliant performance that is exactly what this style calls for in a simple, yet effective effort that is soaring and very much in the vein of Pat Walker from Warning. In fact, Warning would be a perfect comparison especially since I feel that Warning is the best doom band since St. Vitus. With the right amount of exposure these guys could be just as popular because this demo is great!