OVERDRIVE - Reflexions Digipack 2-CD
OVERDRIVE - Reflexions Digipack 2-CD

OVERDRIVE - Reflexions Digipack 2-CD

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CD 1
Tracks 1-5 from the original "Reflexions" EP
Tracks 6-7 from the "Rockslaget" compilation album
Tracks 8-13 from the Radio Blekinge Radio session

All tracks from the "Heavy Metal Night - Live In The Raw 1981" recording.

 This new deluxe reissue of Reflexions includes crucial documentation of that era across the rest of Disc 1 and Disc 2. On Disc 1, in addition to the original Reflexions record, one will find an absolutely cracking live-on-the-radio recording that's basically an album unto itself! Spanning an additional eight tracks, this recording took place in December 1980 at the studio Radio Blekinge and is OVERDRIVE at their early hook-heavy best. On Disc 2, subtitled "Live in the Raw 1981," we get a full 37-minute show that displays the band at their rawest and sweatiest. Still, the hooks are king here, and they even include covers of April Wine and Axe.

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