OVERDRIVE - Metal Attack Digipack CD
OVERDRIVE - Metal Attack Digipack CD

OVERDRIVE - Metal Attack Digipack CD

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6 panel Digipack CD with five bonustracks!

To the mind writing these words, the two ‘80s releases from Overdrive fall so faithfully into the Mausoleum or Ebony Records death pool of look, feel, smell & sound that my subconscious simply refuses to allow me to memory-commit both to Planet Records. What can I say, for me they’re doomed with that near-oblivious, early-metal-on-food-stamps visual persona that commonly hung stuff like Crossfire, Killer (either one), Q5, Blade Runner, Châteaux, and the debuts from Living Death and even Grim Reaper out to sideways looks on the record rack. Then again, with this pair of albums as the label’s only fame to metal claim (that I know of), Planet Records is barely worth the $16 you would’ve thrown down on the counter for these discs. But really Dave, who cares?

Since the quintet’s earlier Reflexions ep stalled out at about five hundred copies, it’s extremely likely the band’s debut lp, lovingly called Metal Attack, was the first Overdriven thing people tripped over while wandering around the record shop looking for that next metallic morsel or the latest Hall & Oates pop bauble. Again, I smile as the sleeve nails that metallically-effortless first glimpse, y’know, where the cover’s really cool for about four seconds, then very shortly afterward its under-budget, back-of-a-spiral-notebook quality artwork sinks in that maybe it’s really not.

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