OUJIABEARD - The Well To Hell CD

OUJIABEARD - The Well To Hell CD

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Think Ghost, In Solitude, Iron Maiden.

If you're forever awestruck by Flight's impeccably rocking A Leap Through Matter from 2018, break out the fancy stationary as you'll want to write me a thank you note for swiveling in my chair to the reverently ripe tune of Ouijabeard's latest and third release, The Well To Hell, crafted by lone Swedish every-man Andreas Sandberg.

This is a rare occasion of feeling like a particular album has been composed for our sake. No further than thirty seconds past opener "The Light"'s Merlin-esque synthesizer introduction, we're assailed by intensely melodic, yet hard-driven to a fault guitar riffs which also instill the cool likes of Amulet, Midas and Screamer, whilst Andreas' loosely nasal vocals beguile as much as the Lucky Charms leprechaun.