Ossuarium - Living Tomb LP (Black vinyl)


Black Vinyl Version
Includes 2-sided lyric insert.

As a devoted fan of death/doom this is an easy album to toss around on the tongue and savor for several listens. The overall package is beautiful, though I prefer full color from Dan Seagrave, the ‘gold on black and grey’ effect is appropriate. Beyond the obvious appeal of this record I am equally impressed that a band like Ossuarium has a chance to put their best foot forward on their debut and to be frank there are few labels giving newcomers such a confident boost with stellar production, artwork, etc. ‘Living Tomb’ is the work of a thriving conception and it is made just as memorable for the fact. That said I think Ossuarium have bigger goals in mind and greater death and doom to curse the world over with. What they’ve come up with between their demo’s conceptual sound and the slick roll of ‘Living Tomb’ shows no lack of inspiration though in the scope of greater potential this debut is likely mere fruits of formative thought. Highly recommended. Previews won’t easily translate the full scope of the record but, “Corrosive Hallucinations” paired with “Writhing in Emptiness” will be instantly gratifying and “End of Life Dreams and Visions Pt. 1” should enthuse extreme doom fandom towards the full listen.