Origin - Omnipresent Digi-CD


2014 album on digi-pack with a S.O.D. cover as bonustrack.

Omnipresent has a slower, heavier, grindier, darker, ambient vibe. When I say slower, I mean slower for Origin. It is still high paced and energetic, but mid-tempo and does tend to slow down at times with a heavy pounce, showing the bands' capability of what a breakdown should be. But it is not the constant fast IN YOUR FACE pace that we are used to Origin providing for us. You can expect this especially from Unattainable Zero, Malthusian Collapse (my favorite), and The Indiscriminate. Don't get me wrong, it packs a punch you won't recover from. I believe Omnipresent was more well thought out and very well executed in all aspects as well as production (even though the drums and vocals can be overpowering at times). This is also the first time they included a cover song as a bonus track, Kill Yourself, by Stormtroopers of Death. I believe this album would be more appreciated if it was not compared to their earlier stuff. This album is on a whole new level!