Opprobrium - Discerning Forces LP


Well, Incubus gave up on trying to keep their original name and created, Opprobrium. They then released what I would call a very worthy release to strengthen their already glorious legacy. Back in the day they released some of the best death/thrash available and really set a standard for mixing thrash and death metal. "Beyond the Unknown" is still one of my favorite albums ever. So it seems the Howard brothers still have some magic up their sleeves with this release.

The songs definitely rival their old Incubus material. Just the album cover shows you everything you need to know about the attitude going into this album. Using the same imagery from "Beyond the Unknown" and fortunately, still have the music capabilities that went into their old releases. The songs are fast, heavy, and full of that old death metal attitude. "Discerning Forces" is a slower number; heavy as Hell with some awesome riffs. "Digitrap" is full of the speed that made their older albums great. Anyone who is skeptical about this release needs to know the old attitude is very much alive on this release. The riffs are great, the drums are spot on but could use more variation. The occasional unique fill and some other cool stuff comes through but it's pretty standard. This album really has the same death metal feel as "Beyond the Unknown".