OPPRESSOR - The Demos LP (Aqua Blue Vinyl)
OPPRESSOR - The Demos LP (Aqua Blue Vinyl)
OPPRESSOR - The Demos LP (Aqua Blue Vinyl)
OPPRESSOR - The Demos LP (Aqua Blue Vinyl)

OPPRESSOR - The Demos LP (Aqua Blue Vinyl)

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 Ships around April 10th 2024, release date is April 19th 2024.

Limited edition of 150 copies on aqua blue vinyl, comes with insert in a PVC bag.

American Death Metal classic demos remastered!

North-American customers, save time and postage via: https://www.napalmrecordsamerica.com/search/?q=oppressor

First time on limited vinyl.

Chicago’s iconic technical Death Metal band Oppressor was formed in 1991.

Oppressor is reformed and has started playing live again!

Oppressor recorded two demo’s... and their second demo, 1993’s “As Blood Flows”, got them signed in 1993.

This demo was seen a very strong release, clocking in over 30 minutes and with a decent production.

Released the following year was the band’s debut album, “Solstice of Oppression” which was supported by heavy touring, but Oppressor’s label went went bankrupt soon after.

They eventually hooked up with Olympic Recordings, which released their second studio album, “Agony”, in 1996.

Featuring more structured compositions, and an improved production, the album became the group’s breakthrough, and ultimately allowed them to expand their audience after securing the opening slot on one of Cannibal Corpse’s American tours.

On this vinyl only release, limited to 300 copies we have added the “World Abomination” demo from 1991 to the before mentioned “As Blood Flows” demo from 1993.

This results in 55 minutes of pure early 90’s US Death Metal that fits in with the likes of Suffocation, Broken Hope, Gorguts, Cryptopsy and Immolation.

Raw, primitive, brutal, in your face youthful US Death Metal, as it was and will never be again!

 • Classic early 90’s US Death Metal for fans of early Suffocation, Gorguts, Cryptopsy and Immolation

• Remastered by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Recording Studio, Horst, the Netherlands (a.o. Pestilence, Trouble, Malevolent Creation, Master)

• Artwork reconstructing by Wouter Wagemans

• Oppressor is back and will be performing live in May 2024 on Maryland Deathfest