OPHTHALAMIA - Via Dolorosa Gatefold 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

OPHTHALAMIA - Via Dolorosa Gatefold 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

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Ophthalamia is not just a basic side-project of some musicians who use to play in quite famous bands and who desperately try to gain some more money. Neither it is a project done for those who want to try something completely different than what they typically do with their main bands, even though it is clearly different than any of the main bands of its members. This album is original, very melodic, it has an epic and atmospheric touch, but, and it is the main point, it is worth the best releases of Black Sabbath.

Don't get fooled. This is not black metal. Yes, Legion (who at this point of time was the singer of Marduk) growls the same way than he usually does and this is the most evident link to black metal. However, except of some few faster passages and a cover of Mayhem's popular "Deathcrush", the comparison stops there. There is a real groove, a pure sense of wonderful guitar driven epic and atmospheric melodies with some enchanted clean vocals choruses which will remain in your head for several days and without thinking about it, you will even be surprised to whistle them. It is much closer to doom metal than to anything else. The guitar work definitely reminds me on Black Sabbath and sometimes even on Candlemass. The Edge Of Sanity touch is present too, especially the one you can hear on the more melodic songs of "Purgatory Afterglow". All the songs are inspired and quite progressive. The structure is also quite original. Some parts tend to be repetitive at first, but when you listen to them closer, you will every time find some new details. This band creates something new without breaking entirely the link to the ancient leaders of the scene. The quality of these musicians and what they have done in their other bands (Edge Of Sanitty among others) doesn't have to be proven. But how many times did it happen that legendary musicians gathered to create a so-called super band which finally brought only disappointment?

Ophthalamia managed to keep the creativity and genius of its members, by adding an excellent personal touch. This album is very inspired and is a must in every metalhead's collection. The best about it is that it will bring under the same banner fans of different styles of metal. It can be appreciated by almost anyone who likes metal, simply because it contains some elements of all the genres and it has a very high quality. It will clearly remain on top of your collection very fast. Simply unforgettable and majestic.

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