Ophis - Stream Of Misery 2-LP




Ophis: a German quartet whose straightforward death doom is one of the most sinister things you'll hear in the genre. Their formula is anything but innovative: a pair of guitars, a tight rhythm section, and cookie monster vocals. (Not keyboard nonsense here!) But it's executed to near perfection. The vocals alternate between deep growls and manic shrieks, to chilling effect. The churning riffs are memorable, reminiscent of Mourning Beloveth. But the thing that sets Ophis apart from the rest is their sense of dynamics. One moment the music is creeping as slowly and oppressively as the best of funeral doom, and the next it explodes into a bout of death metal. Despite clocking an hour of music over seven tracks, it never gets dull or uneventful. And all this is permeated by an aura of menacing spite.