ONSLAUGHT – Power From Hell CD

ONSLAUGHT – Power From Hell CD

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You can say anything you want, but this Power From Hell is the album I like the most by Onslaught. I don’t know, maybe it’s something about the primordial sound or the guitars, but I love it. Listening it on LP is pure orgasm for a person like me who worships anything in this genre during the 80s. They were easily one of the most influential bands in England back in those years and the debut is still regarded as a milestone for the growing extreme metal genre.

They took influences mostly from mighty Venom with that Slayer component, essential in giving the thrash metal impact and songwriting. The production is really cool and underground, with that “basement attitude and style” that is great to give this album a more rare and characteristic touch. The main work is done by the restless guitars, that along the whole LP, are constantly fast on palm muting with a hint of speed metal for the few melodies and, mostly, to be catchy.