Omen - Warning Of Danger Digi-CD


Issued in a gatefold vinyl replica, with 18-page poster booklet.

Hype sticker:
"Classix re-issue series on Mid Price!
Limited digipak for the first time - incl. bonus tracks ans poster booklet
New remastered by Bill Metoyer & new liner notes!"

Track 11 is a bonus track (Live at San Antonio, Texas 1986)

Recorded at
Eldorado, Hollywood
Track Record, L.A.
Mastered at Capitol Records
Remastered 2016 for SkullSeven Productions

It's tough to review a band like this, since there's so little to say about such a basic yet pleasing style of heavy metal. Warning of Danger is endlessly replayable and hooky as fuck, and if you have a shred of metal in you, it's a given that you'll love this. Go get it, right now.