Omen - Battle Cry LP (Clear/Orange/Red vinyl)


Clear orange red vinyl.
Mastered for vinyl by Patrick W Engel at Temple Of Disharmony in November 2016.
Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide!
Includes photo/lyric insert and large poster.

If Omen could be said to have only one thing going for them on their debut album, Battle Cry, it would be that it is utterly cohesive. Everything has its place, and fits together seamlessly like pieces of a puzzle - a puzzle that magically melds together after it's assembled, leaving no trace that it was ever fragmented in the first place. The riffs, the vocals, the song structures, the lyrics, the bass, the album art - they all work together flawlessly to paint a picture of the medieval battle scene that's so obvious on the album's cover. Hell, even the production only adds to the aesthetic, the icing on our proverbial cake. The thick, meaty guitar tone slices the listener like a headsman's axe or a warrior's broadsword, while easily remaining catchy enough to keep the listener's attention.