Old Man's Child - Slaves Of The World LP (Black vinyl)


If you like melodic stuff that's dark, depressing, evil, sorrow-ridden, blasphemous, ill inspired, deep hated view of existence that "Slaves of the World" encompasses, this release contains all of these traits. Of course I will again point out how originally sounding this epic saga reigns, I cannot stress that enough. Nothing dull here, no tracks that are boring. Every damn song reigns and the atmosphere such an amazingly created sound that stifles the mind and doesn't lose the listener's attention or direction. A pure domination of metal that's going to stand out in your collection if it hasn't already. If you own it and disagree with my words here regarding this album, then create your own hypocrisy if you're into melodic black metal. I won't do it because to me, everyone that's a fan of this genre should own this!