Old Man's Child - Born Of The Flickering 2-LP (Silver/Purple vinyl)


Limited to 450 copies.

180 gram vinyl.
Gatefold sleeve with silver hotfoil printing and insert.
Silkscreened D side.

Mastered for vinyl

Galder's first album is indeed one of the best debuts i have ever heard, and their best in my opinion. Altough their later releases vary from average to pretty good (except Vermin, which is close to this one), this one exceeds all of them...

One thing I first noticed here, is that here keyboards aren't as prominent as they would be on later releases. Here we have that ol' good black metal, which was executed mainly with skeleton instruments, required to make metal and ocassionaly they use acoustic guitars, keyboards to enforce the already dark, moody atmosphere.

The production here is surprisingly good, it looks like Galder (he went by the name Grusom on this release) decided not to follow that 'kvlt' path about the production. Guitars have pretty clean sound for that time, of course there is present that cold sound which is so famous to appear in black metal.

Overall this is an excellent album for a debut, one would hardly believe this was their first creation…no doubt the creation of the masters themselves.