Officium Triste


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Brazilian version limited as 300 copies.
Logotype and album name has printed in gold hotstamp.
Comes with an 8-page booklet with song lyrics.

Formed in the Spring of 1994 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Officium Triste have been releasing high quality death/doom metal for 29 years. However, they have somehow managed to remain a more cult band, mostly talked about by doom metal aficionados. Personally, I feel that Officium Triste is one of the greatest and most underrated bands to emerge from the European death/doom explosion of the 1990's. While genre pioneers like the Peaceville 3 (Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost for the uninitiated.) and Katatonia had already released their master works by 1997, Officium Triste was just getting started. Officium Triste's debut LP "Ne Vivam" immediately proved that this band was not one to underestimate.

This yearning for a more simple and natural life is expressed with conviction, thanks to the incredible vocals of Pim Blankenstein. Pim's approach mainly consists of the tried-and-true death metal style growls, but something about his tone and delivery is very special. His growls are not so guttural and bellowing but are deep and carry a sort of dry sounding tone that is unique. His vocals are the sort that should be instantly recognizable for death/doom aficionados. In time, he would prove to be a decent clean singer as well, but we only get to hear small glimmers of this during the runtime of "Ne Vivam".

All in all, this album should be considered essential for any self-respecting death/doom fan. In my humble opinion, no death/doom collection should be considered complete without this mid 90's era masterpiece.