Ofermod - Thaumiel LP (Clear vinyl)


Ritualistic chants, drums and guitars. This is how the album starts. The first track is to set the appropiate mood, puts you right into an age of darkness and occultism, even utilizing choirs. The second track increases the tempo and shows the riffing capatibilities of Michayah. The absolute highlight of the album is the third track, amplifying everthing that were just introduced in the previous song. You may feel as the next song is out of place. It's the slowest track of the album and features clean vocals of Kvarforth. You'll eventually get to the re-recording of "Chained to Redemption". If you are to think it has been ruined as the other re-recording, guess again! This version is much more powerful, showing different faces while retaining many qualities of the original version. The album closer is something that would fit the last album of Marduk as well.