OFERMOD - Mystérion Tés Anomias LP (Black Vinyl)

OFERMOD - Mystérion Tés Anomias LP (Black Vinyl)

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Hello children, are you tired of Dark Funeral pretending to cut up cats? Are you tried of Gorgoroth disguising their homoerotic S&M as satanic rituals? Do you want real black-metal?

Ofermod come storming on, with all the viciousness of their devil-worshiping, swedish breathern. Funeral Mist and Watain . But unlike the albums from the above bands, this album is raw. Not raw in the UIver "Nattens" sense, or raw in the Emperor " In nightshade". The sheer agression with which this was recorded litterally overwhelms the production. The melodic guitars saw like razors over the ferverishly played rhyme guitar, while the drums pound insanly in the background. The vocals have all the religious fervor of a bapist preacher hailing satan and destuction.

If you're looking for one the greatest uber-kvlt-I-dont-suck-like-vlad-tepes-demo. This is for you.

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